Peggy Sue Got Married (Shaftesbury Theatre)

“Musical of the Year…stands head and shoulders above anything we have seen in London for a long while…”
Theatre Record

“That this is a musical with issues does not deter the director Kelly Robinson from giving us energetic dancing, character comedy and sweet evocations of the past…stiffened by a nice touch of irony…
Sunday Times

“A truly musical musical…Peggy Sue works on many levels but mainly because it has music in its veins…Kelly Robinson directs an excellent ensemble…”
Financial Times

“ All these ingredients are slickly integrated by director Kelly Robinson who obviously has a feel for the period…”
The Stage

“A triumph…the show has great energy and momentum…”
Daily Mail

West Side Story (Stratford Festival)

***** West Side Story sizzles with high octane energy…under Kelly Robinson’s direction, West Side Story emerges as the must-see production of opening week.”
Toronto Sun

“****…Every year at Stratford, if it’s a good year, there’s the one. This is a good year and the show everyone will be talking about is the musical “West Side Story”…director Kelly Robinson gets the most from a superb young ensemble…”
Detroit Free Press

“Kelly Robinson directed a stirring revival”
Financial Times

“It’s an especial distinction of Kelly Robinson’s production that in this case, the centre holds…magnificent”
National Post

“Simply stated, under the direction of Kelly Robinson….West Side Story emerges as the must see production…”

Toronto Sun

Vida (Mirvish/Luminato Festival, Royal Alex)

“…Vida electrifies Luminato…festival caught fire…spectacular…the indisputable hit of the festival…”

“…enchanting…not only a world premiere at Luminato, but a jewel in the Festival’s crown…Kelly Robinson who is one of Canada’s Broadway musical mavens…co-wrote and directed….
Globe and Mail

Guys and Dolls (Stratford Festival)

“****…a sure bet”…you look for fun, not profundity in “Guys and Dolls”, and while Kelly Robinson’s staging certainly comes through on the first count, it subtly reveals higher aspirations…”
Detroit Free Press

“Every once in a long while, a show lives up to its hype…Kelly Robinson has delivered a zesty, sentimental and entertaining revival…a winner!
Winnipeg Free Press

Foggy Day (Shaw Festival)

“A small but genuine theatrical miracle…perfectly captures the aura of 30’s musicals…”
Chicago Tribune

“Under Kelly Robinson’s direction…makes it a fizzing show….London producers please note…”
The Times (London, UK)

Toronto Star

“A winning cast under the fine direction of Kelly Robinson”
The Washington Review”

“Kelly Robinson, who is known for making actors and singers dance like they are members of a professional dance company, directs this show with endless bits of comedy business, a socko, fast-paced hard sell, and relaxed-looking audience pleasing dance numbers….”
The Rochester City

Syncopation (Mirvish/Wintergarden)

“Well directed, compelling and beautifully controlled…”

****…seriously funny period play…keeps audience absorbed from first entrance to final curtain”
Winnipeg Sun

Needfire (Mirvish/Princess of Wales/Royal Alex)

****“Mirvishes have a hit on their hands. Director and choreographer Kelly Robinson has created a show that rocks with irresistible energy…sizzles on several levels at once…
The Globe and Mail


“Perhaps the single largest credit for the production must go to Kelly Robinson who co-directed and choreographed it…”
The Globe and Mail

A Christmas Carol

“Kelly Robinson’s production of the show is beautifully crafted…his skill is much in evidence…”
The Globe and Mail

“…impressive direction…”
Hamilton Spectator

Three Penny Opera

It’s the best production of the raunchy, savagely satirical masterpiece I have ever seen…as revised by Kelly Robinson and his translator John Willett…have restored the bite and bitterness of the original…more meaningful and more powerful than…the Berliner Ensemble…
Jewish News

“A theatrically dazzling production with some breathtaking moments…”
Toronto Star

Happy End

“Kelly Robinson’s hard-edged production doesn’t scare easily…the best thing about (his) production is its wit in addressing the equivocal, shifting, ironic relationship between the songs and the text…”
The Edmonton Journal

High Society

“It’s a dramatically sparkling, musically upbeat production…that opened in Shaw’s Festival Theatre to raucous approval…looks like it will play to packed houses…”
Buffalo News

High-energy, high-power ensemble electrifies!
Ontario’s power problems are over.  Should supply exceed demand between now and November, simply hooking up the grid to the Shaw Festival’s high-voltage production of Cole Porter’s High Society will swamp the lines leaving no one in the dark and whistling a tune to boot…another dimension of excellence to Robinson’s magical vision…a “spectacular Broadway Shaw!”
James Wegg/Stage Door

Sweeney Todd

“An absolute masterpiece…”
AZ Headline News

Filumena (World Premiere)

Kelly Robinson’s staging was simply amazing….beautifully calculated…Robinson has given Calgary some superbly directed operas before, here he has excelled himself…”
National Post

The Inventor (World Premiere)

“Kelly Robinson’s staging is a marvel…”
Calgary Sun

“The Inventor explodes with originality, drama…”
Calgary Herald

Lillian Alling (World Premiere)

“Ultimately the star was the production itself…treated in the most individual and interesting ways in Kelly Robinson’s staging…”
Opera Canada

“…a conspicuous success…”
Vancouver Sun

The Marriage of Figaro

“…so much fun you didn’t want it to end…”
AZ Star

“In the luminously fine Opera Santa Barbara production of “Marriage of Figaro”, director Kelly Robinson skillfully navigated the blend of kinetic and stately, a free-flowing sway of decorum and anarchy, often to great comic effect.”
Santa Barbara News – Josef Woodard

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