Active Singing Workshop and Master Classes

An integrative approach to focusing the breath, the body and the mind in support of affecting and communicative performance

Active Singing Workshop, led by award-winning international artists, Kelly Robinson and Kathleen Brett, champions the Active Singing technique that integrates acting, singing and stagecraft through the focus of through, breath and physical action to produce singing that is compelling and convincing.


“Kathleen’s warmth and generosity of spirit created an open and safe working space in which I felt comfortable to experiment and explore new sounds and sensations in my voice. Her detailed technical and musical guidance enabled me to approach challenging music confidently, in a healthy way. She really encouraged me to use my voice as a dramatic tool to enhance the work I was doing in the rehearsal room”.

Chloë Treharne, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, UK

The Active Singing Workshop gives the singer tools to understand how to use the text as a singer, finding intention and dramatic action within lyrics and music, so that note values give power to the character’s intention.  Dramatic authenticity becomes the core of the performance.

The workshop combines musical scene study, which alternates between vocal, acting technique and stagecraft.  Targeted theatre games inspire and stimulate the application of new technique, resulting in sessions that are filled with discovery, laughter and learning. Movement sessions teach the integration of movement, acting and singing in a holistic performance.  Practical and pertinent feedback is core to the workshop experience.

“Kelly teaches with fantastic clarity and care, a process for acting that       completely understands and caters for the particular and special demands of singing, while at the same time, liberating the singers to put those demands completely at the service of communicating meaning”.

Dominic Wheeler, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, UK

Institutions/Young Artist Programs

In addition to our private professional level coaching, we offer individually tailored master classes and workshops for opera and voice students and universities, conservatories and young artist programs.

In addition to enhanced performance skills, Active Singing Workshops teach the young singer accessible and easily understandable tools to flourish as a professional singer: whether facing the audition panel, coaching, rehearsal, performance experiences, or managing professional relationships. Workshop techniques assist the young artist to layer positive images of preparation, performance and achievement.

Kathleen is an exceptional teacher, and working with her is a holistic experience. She challenges you to find your interpretation, and to own your responsibility, as an artist, for your performance.  I made substantial technical progress, and found a new flexibility with my voice. She gave me tools to approach my practice that I will use for a long time to come.”

Anna Sideris, Fontainebleau Summer Voice Intensive, France

The workshop can take several forms, depending on the needs of the institution.


Workshops typically take place from 2-5 days for groups of singers, and involve scenes, theatre games, vocal coaching around agreed workshop outcomes, etc.  Specific workshop content is developed in discussion with the participants and the institution.


There are different models for artists-in-residence, and residencies are tailored to fit the needs of the institution. 


Masterclasses take place in a single time slot up to 4 hours, and may be associated with a performance by students, or guest artists.  Feedback is focused on the work presented, and introduces some of the concepts of Active Singing.

“This workshop is an invaluable lesson for anyone who wishes to pursue musical theatre and acting in general. Kelly Robinson’s approach is precise, practical and, most importantly, easily applicable. He is a perceptive teacher able to hone in on each individual actor’s needs and to quickly lead them in the direction most fit for them. For students and young actors this workshop serves as a perfect springboard into musical theatre and I am sure it will help experienced actors to focus their art and find new creative energy in their work.”

Ofer Ravid, Ph.D, Pedagogical Director, Nissan Nativ Acting Studio,

About Us

Kelly Robinson’s work as a director and choreographer has been seen from Canada’s Stratford Festival to London’s West End.  Kathleen Brett has been acclaimed in work from the Royal Opera House in London, Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeiro, and across North America in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.  Their work as teachers has taken them from France, Italy, Israel, to London, Cardiff, and across North America.

In their workshop with our students, both Kelly and Kathleen were adept at critiquing each student, offering complementary reactions with a shared vision.  A wonderful balance of interactive activities and discussion combined with a masterclass setting providing individual attention and feedback.

Hilde Binford, Dean of Arts, Moravian College, PA

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